Multi Table Tournament Bankroll Management

Multi table tournaments (MTTs) with big prize pools can be a fantastic way for new players to build up a poker bankroll to play in bigger games, but in order to give yourself the best chance of doing well at tournaments, you need to properly manage your bankroll.

By adopting such a strategy, it will help you to fully absorb the losses arising from the tournament bustouts without making it in the money that will happen with some regularity when you’re playing larger field tourneys. Although this won’t matter much, because you will have a big enough bankroll to withstand the typical variance that occurs when playing multi table tournaments.

The bigger the bankroll you have for playing MTTs the more breathing space you will have as you will not be relying on those big scores just to keep you afloat. It also has a direct impact on the approach you have when it comes to playing MTTs, as it will help you to be more focused on the game instead of worrying about the tournament buy in you lost every time you get knocked out of a tournament.

One of the questions that gets asked pretty much constantly by new tournament players getting started with MTTs online/live is just how big of a bankroll do you need?

A general rule when you’re looking to play multi table tournaments for the first time is to have a sufficient bankroll to match the levels you’re playing. This is determined by the buy in of the tournament you play the most frequently. Generally, playing with smart bankroll management for multi table tournaments means having around 100 buy ins for your current level.

Once you have figured out what tournaments you are going to primarily play, you can then more accurately calculate how much you will need in your bankroll to play with. So, for example, if you have decided that you’ll be playing $10 MTTs, which is a good starting point for low stakes live tournament players, then you would want to have $1000 in your bankroll, and anything less would probably mean that you’re not sufficiently rolled for the game.

The problem that many amateur tournament players make is they have the tendency of playing tournaments with no regard for bankroll management until they have lost it all, simply not realizing just how many tournament buy ins are really needed to comfortably play the tournaments they would like to.

Having strict bankroll considerations in place when playing multi table tournaments is a very crucial part of being a winning tournament player. It doesn’t matter if you think you are the best player in the tournaments that you play, you are going to have periods where you don’t make it in the money or get that big score.

But by having the bigger bankroll that comes from practicing sensible bankroll standards, it will keep you in the game, and you can be confident in knowing that if you play well, things will turn around for you, and that a big score shouldn’t be far off. By having a bankroll for MTTs that is at least 100x the buy in for the level you play, it will be large enough so that even the daily setbacks won’t wipe out your bankroll allowing you to play with the bigger picture in mind.

When all is said and done, if you can be confident in your tournament game enough to expect having an edge in games you play, then you should be able to get a reasonable return of your investment when playing MTTs. Just realize that skill only gets you so far in poker, you need to be smart with your bankroll, otherwise you risk losing a roll to play with.

Even if things don’t go to plan and you happen to take a significant hit to your tournament bankroll, the wheels won’t fall off, and you always have the option to move down a level, as the tournament buy ins won’t mean as much, and the players should be a little worse, making the tournaments easier to beat. This strategy is a good one as it can also help you to rebuild some much needed confidence in your tournament game. Dropping down can also help to rebuild your bankroll.