Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments have become extremely popular and are cropping up in a big way. Today’s tournaments at online poker rooms offer an extraordinary experience for each tournament player with large prize pools and a chance for anyone to become the best of the best.

Why are online poker tournaments so popular? It’s simple. These games allow players the opportunity to turn a few dollars into a big payday and all that a player needs is some skill and a bit of luck. As a matter of fact, lots of amateur players have gone on to win tournaments after the first attempt. This is what makes online poker and tournaments so popular among the poker playing community. If you have a chip and a chair, then anything is possible.

After choosing which online poker room you want to play poker tournaments, you need to decide which type of poker variant you have ability for and prefer to play. Without a doubt, the most popular version of online poker tournaments is No Limit Texas Hold’em and most beginners get their first tastes of tournament poker playing this game. Other popular games played in online poker tournaments are Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card stud and Razz. Once you know which game you would prefer to play it’s time to start playing and choosing where to begin.

No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments are mostly about survival during the early stages of the game, although it’s important to be accumulating chips throughout the tournament, it’s not just about survival, because you risk getting chipped down, and having no chips to play with once you reach the final stages of the tournament.

The great thing about playing poker tournaments on the Internet is that you can start out by playing small buy-in tourneys, which offer attractive prize pools with fairly limited risk. New players would be advised to avoid the larger buy-in tournaments until they have more confidence in their games, since the fields will be made up of better players who will be looking to push the action at every opportunity, which can make things uncomfortable for players who lack the experience to deal with this level of aggression.

If you’ve never played an online poker tournament before, a great tip is to start with the “Play Money” games. These games will give you a couple of thousand chips that won’t be worth anything. These can be used to play against other players for fun or just to practice and get used to playing tournaments.

But as soon as you feel confident enough to risk your own money then start with the lower limit tournaments. Some tournament buy ins start at just $0.50 or $1 and this is a good way to gain experience and learn how to be cautious with your money. It won’t win you any big scores but the experience collected and the skills you’ll start learning will help you a long way throughout your entire tournament poker career. Once you start increasing your bankroll and getting better at tournaments in general you can move up the limits and start playing for higher stakes.

Playing online poker tournaments are also hugely beneficial to live tournament players. Online poker has proven to be an excellent way to qualify for both online and land based tournament events. In fact, several World Series of Poker Main Event champions and many of the players competing in the WSOP all came from players that qualified through online satellites.

But in order to be a consistent winner in today’s online poker tournaments, players have to master and fine-tune their poker skills by practicing and playing tourneys often, which is not difficult to do, given the multitude of daily tournaments you can play online.

Many different strategy adjustments are necessary in order to consistently make it to the final table and go on to take down tourneys where the big money is to be made. Fortunately, there are many books and other instructional material available on the market to learn and perfect the strategies and tactics for winning today’s online poker tournaments from some of the best tournament poker players.

For example, successful professional poker player, Jonathan Little, published a great tournament poker book, titled “Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker.” Dan Harrington, another super poker pro, also has some great books to help tournament players improve their games. They were published some time ago – but still very relevant for today’s online poker tournaments.

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