Online Poker on Tablet

Those who want to enjoy the online poker experience on a tablet computer will want to download one of the many mobile poker apps that are compatible with your tablet device. The mobile online poker market is huge and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And the good news is that there are both real money and free to play apps available for tablets.

While social poker exploded in popularity thanks in large part to Zynga Poker on Facebook, which of course you can play on a tablet, there are many other options that are available in the marketplace now for players who are looking to play poker on iPad, android tablet and smart phones.

As for the free poker games, many of them can be discovered in the Apple and Android stores. Due to the passage of the UIGEA, Apple and Google have been reluctant to offer real money apps, but this isn’t to say you can’t play real money poker on tablet computers, because there are definitely options available to you.

For online poker players that are located outside of America and are interested in real money poker action on tablet computers, you have options like PokerStars and 888Poker. Both online poker operators have iPad and Android tablet compatible apps allowing players to play their favorite real money Multi Table tournaments, Sit & Gos, Texas Hold’em and Omaha cash games, among other poker games. PartyPoker is another one of the major poker sites that is now tablet friendly.

In addition to this, American tablet owners, whilst have more limited options, also have real money online poker options available to them, since US-friendly poker sites like Carbon Poker offers a mobile app that works on the iPad and Android tablets.

Some sites that offer a standalone mobile app that is compatible with all the popular tablets have started to offer multi tabling functionality, so tablet players will be able to play multiple poker games at the same time.

How does online poker on a tablet work?

It really isn’t very different to playing online poker on a desktop computer. Either you will be required to download the poker client software, and there is the possibility of bypassing this step and playing the games from within the browser window of your tablet, if an instant play version of the online poker games are available to you.

For the most part, Android tablet users will have a greater number of options available to them when it comes to choosing compatible poker sites to play at, since these players will be able to play on the flash-based poker rooms.

Since flash doesn’t work on the iPad and other Apple devices, it means unless there is a dedicated iPad app to play poker, then you will probably be unable to play at that particular room, as the games can’t be played within the tablet’s browser, since the instant player version of the games typically always uses flash technology.

This should not be a huge issue though since with the iPad being so popular most of the best online poker sites do offer an iPad app to download. Regardless if you have an Android or iPad-powered tablet, it would probably be a good idea to download the standalone app if it’s available anyway, since the downloadable client features of most poker rooms tend to be more feature rich than the flash based poker rooms.

With the functionality and technology of modern tablet PCs increasing each and every year, the quality of the online poker playing experience on tablets just keeps on getting better. With higher resolution screens and improved processing power, the very latest tablet computers can support cutting edge online poker games.

Is online poker on tablets the same as desktop poker?

You might be asking yourself whether online poker on tablet devices is the same as playing poker on your PC. Well, in short, yes you can expect a very similar gaming experience. There is more limited screen space so the software is stripped back a little but to only have the basic features which are essential for the online poker experience, but the processing and graphics power of modern tablets still ensures the graphics will look sleek and the sound will be crisp.

The table view will be modified so the betting buttons are much bigger to make it really easy for tablet users to act when it is their turn and to also help prevent any misclicks. It is going to be much easier playing online poker on a tablet as opposed to a smartphone. It is the preferred method for playing online poker if you are wanting to play poker on the go from any location.