How to Make Money Playing Online Poker

So you are ready to play and make money playing online poker? Before we move on to the fun stuff, consider this… poker is a game of skill. There are people who lose more than they should, yet could continue to play the game they love and make some money if they just improve their game, or play at lower stakes. By doing so, you get to play against players who are worse then you, allowing you to make some money. As you progress through the limits, you can make quite a substantial amount of money.

Take Advantage of Poker Bonuses to Boost your Bankroll

From the very first day you can decide to play for real money and make money. How? By downloading software directly from the poker site, and getting some of the bonuses that are on offer. Just like brand name items are rarely sold at full price, online poker sites have better deals if you shop around, or know someone who has already played at various poker sites and because of this know where the best welcome bonuses are being offered.

The online poker bonuses usually come in the form of deposit or no deposit bonuses. Sometimes they will offer a preferred deposit bonus for players who make a deposit with a specific deposit method such as Neteller. Without a doubt, though, the best type of bonus is going to be the poker deposit bonus. It may not seem like much at first, but when you really look at it, you could be throwing away $600 per year or even more because you deposit the wrong amount to get the biggest bonus.

Poker bonuses are important for a new player. An inexperienced player can’t expect to win consistently straight away, but the bonuses will quite often mean your bankroll will go through the roof and it will help you to deal with the bad beats and variance of the game you are playing.

But also make sure you are not just playing to clear a bonus. The main objective is to make money and whilst the bonus money is a nice “bonus” it’s not the primary reason you are playing the game. More than anything else, you want to be consistently winning money on the virtual felt.

There are so many variations of the game played online, but most rooms spread Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 7-Card Stud with some hi-lo split games to give a change of pace. You will also find 5-Card Draw, Razz, fast-fold poker, among other games.

With so many games out there to choose from across different formats (tournaments, sit ‘n’ go’s, cash games) new players in particular can have a difficult time knowing exactly where they should start out to give themselves every chance of making money playing online poker.

Stick to One Game

A good strategy would be to stick with learning and improving at one poker discipline. It is much less likely that your entire bankroll will disappear when you’re playing a game you’re better at.

So this means you shouldn’t open up a ring game table for Razz and another table to play some 7-Card Stud. It’s difficult enough remaining focused multi tabling when sticking to one game, and it also makes it difficult to master any one game when you spread your play among several poker variants.

Strategies for More Effectively and Efficiently Multi-tabling

Playing multiple tables is definitely a nice way to play more hands and increase your hourly win rate but something which should only be considered once you are confident you are a winner at this level playing a single table.

Once you have made the decision to play more than one table, make sure to take advantage of online poker tracking software that allows you to use a HUD (heads up display) so that you can more easily keep track of your opponents play. It isn’t fun to lose a big pot, which will happen more often when you haven’t got stats to go off when multi-tabling and having to make those tough decisions.

There is also no rush as to how many tables you should play and every player will have a different threshold for the number of tables they will feel comfortable playing before it begins to negatively impact on their play. It would make little sense adding an insane number of tables from the get go if you weren’t comfortable doing so and made you go from being a winner to being a loser. So, add more tables as you feel comfortable, usually players will have no difficulty playing 3-4 tables.