No Limit Strategy

The rich world of online poker is represented by a diverse set of poker variants, including the very popular Texas Hold’em in all its variations. By far the most popular of the hold’em variants is No Limit Texas Hold’em, which can be found at live card rooms as well as at poker tables you can play online.

When a game is analyzed at its most basic level, the goal of this is of course to form a solid game plan, so that you know what you are trying to accomplish in order to give yourself every chance of ending up a winner in the game.

In No Limit Texas Hold’em, the players primary objective is try and make the best possible five card poker hand. They get to use their two hole cards together with the five community cards to make the best possible hand based on tradition poker hand rankings.

The more often that hands are getting to showdown in the game, the more you will be required to have the best hand. If you expect to currently have the best hand and can expect worse hands to call, you should bet to protect your hand to get value from worse hands.

By being selective about the starting hands you decide to play, you will give yourself a better chance of flopping something big, giving you the best hand the majority of the time, which you can bet aggressively.

Keep in mind that when you’re playing no limit hold’em, due to players having the option to bet any amount up to all of their chips, this means the pot can grow really fast, so you really need to make sure you know where you’re at in the end, so that you can expect to have the winner if it gets to a showdown.

Getting good at doing this in no limit hold’em games should become second nature after a while. If you don’t expect to currently have the best hand, then you want to make sure that you are drawing to the winning hand, assuming you are getting good pot odds to do so. If you are getting bad odds, or if you have a garbage hand, know when to let go off your hand, you don’t need to win every pot.

Building a big pot with a big hand

One of the most basic principles is “big pot big hand”. This means that you shouldn’t be trying to build a big pot unless you have a strong hand to do it with, since it’s unlikely worse hands can call if the other players are willing to commit their entire stacks. In other words, look to pot control with medium strength hands as much as possible, even more so when playing against aggressive opponents, as they are always looking to put you to the test with big bets and raises.

Bluffing in no limit hold’em poker

But if a player is not able to make a successful hand, they can build a no limit strategy so that the other players involved in the pot believe the player to have a strong hand and let go of their hand. In no limit texas hold’em poker games, this is called a “bluff”, and it is an advanced play that you should look to use occasionally when you sense weakness in order to increase your win rate.

When it comes to bluffing in the no limit version of hold’em poker, it comes in two different forms. There is the stone cold bluff which is done with a hand that has no chance of becoming the winner if you get called, and there is the “semi-bluff”, which is done with a hand that still has a decent chance to win, even though you don’t currently expect to have the winning hand. Semi bluffing is going to be a much better play, since you always want “outs” to improve.

Some players will watch pro poker players play in high stakes games on TV and will get the idea that it’s necessary to make “all-in” bluffs in order to do well in no limit hold’em. Although having the ability to bet all your chips during any time in a hand is certainly a powerful weapon that you should look to take advantage of, rarely should you be going all-in as a bluff, nor should you be looking to bluff all the time. It is not going to be a profitable strategy at no limit tables where the majority of players are going to be bad and aren’t capable of folding.

These big bluffs you see from high stakes NLH players makes for good entertainment, but in most low stakes no limit texas hold’em games, they aren’t going to be profitable plays, since most low stakes players don’t like to fold. Instead of thinking about what hands you’re trying to represent with your big bets, they’re only thinking about their own hands.