New Poker Sites – Are They Worth Playing At?

New poker sites are popping up every week it seems like, and due to this it has created so many more options from which to choose from for online poker players. This is great because competition sparks innovation.

These up and coming poker sites are pushing the limits in existing markets and are on the cutting edge of software design, graphics, animations, and gameplay. If there was no competition knocking on the door, there would also be less motivation for the more established poker sites to refine their own online poker offerings. So as you can see it’s a win-win for the players, it just means you’ll have to sift through a longer list of potential online poker sites that you are going to consider playing at.

The thing about new poker sites is that since they are trying to establish themselves in the marketplace they are eager to gain equal footing with other well established poker sites. As a way to gain some traction, they will often offer fairly big welcome bonuses, impressive loyalty programs, and sometimes even no deposit bonuses.

This means there is potentially a lot of upside to playing on these newer poker sites, so even though you’re happy playing at the current online poker site you call home, you’ll definitely always want to be on the lookout for what these new sites have to offer their players.

All of this being said, while the large sign up bonuses, the features of the poker room, and other potential benefits can make them an exciting prospect to play at, you still definitely want to do your due diligence when it comes to playing at any new online poker site that is trying to gain you as a loyal player.

Probably one of the biggest drawcards of being able to play at a new poker site is the softness of the games. The reason for this is that there isn’t a great deal of players that actually know of the room as of yet, and so the bulk of the player base is going to be made up of casual players for the most part.

This is especially true because even if serious players a.k.a. the “grinders” find out about a new poker site, generally there isn’t that much traffic, and as a result, there aren’t that many games running, which makes it fairly undesirable for the more serious players.

It’s certainly not the be all and end all, though, in terms of whether you should consider playing at a site. Even if the traffic isn’t great, if the room has active tables at most times of the day for the particular poker games you like to play, then you’ll still get plenty of action, especially in the cash game section, where there are typically always tables which are running.

Where new poker sites with weak traffic levels really suffer is when it comes to tournaments, as there won’t be enough players to support the tournaments in their schedule. This isn’t always the case but it’s usually one of the sacrifices you will have to make if you choose to play at a newer poker site.

One of the first questions that gets asked by players who are considering playing at any new poker site is whether new poker sites are trustworthy. Before you decide to create a new account and deposit any of your hard earned money, it would be a good idea to first check if the poker site is licensed and regulated by a third party?

What good would playing at a site be, if you couldn’t be confident that you will actually see the money when it comes the time to make a withdrawal. Furthermore, if the poker site is licensed by a reputable internet gaming regulator, you can also be sure that the software is regularly tested for randomness and for your peace of mind in knowing the games are fair and honest.

You can take some comfort in the fact that we have reviewed all of the best new online poker sites worthwhile playing at and have analyzed the pros and cons of each new site just like any other online poker room we have reviewed on our site.

That way, you can be sure that you will never miss out on those hidden gems buried somewhere in cyberspace that a lot of the online poker playing community doesn’t yet know about. While they continue playing on their favorite sites, you can be destroying the competition of a new poker site, since the majority of the player pool will be that much easier to beat.