Five Effective Ways to Improve at Online Poker

Making money from poker is a hot topic these days. With so many online poker players wanting to learn and get good at the game, there are numerous experts and training resources offering to teach the game. With a bit of research online, you can find anything from a beginner strategy article to an in-depth guide to beating mid stakes poker cash games. These are just two examples, but there are so many strategies and resources to help improve your poker game.

Tightening up

A good way to learn and improve at poker for beginner players is to study a starting hand chart. These can be found online fairly easily, and considering the pre-flop betting round is the first decision you will have to make when deciding if you should play a hand, it’s an important decision you have to make. Any mistake you make during the pre-flop round is going to be compounded on later betting rounds.

Tightening up and playing fewer hands is vital for beginners who are still learning the game. Since you’re playing a narrower range of hands, when you make a hand on the flop, you will usually have a big hand, which plays itself, and will mean you won’t get outplayed after the flop, since you will know where you’re at in the hand, and will want to get your stack in the middle.

Improving at the Micro Stakes

One of the best ways for a novice player to learn the game is to play with other beginners until you become familiar with the game. When you play at the lower limit tables, the majority of the players will be beginners, since the more experienced players will have moved up in stakes.

Playing poker online for beginners should not have to be risky. With stakes starting from as little as $0.01/$0.02 it’s hardly going to put much of a dent into your bankroll even if you happen to drop a few buy ins. Do not play in higher stakes real money games until you know that you have mastered at least some of the basic strategies in order to beat the current level you’re playing.

Poker Training Sites

The game of online poker has become so popular that there are entire websites set up that do nothing but share good, solid advice on how to play the different poker variants, which beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players will all find useful.

Many online poker training sites are created by top poker pros and have a roster of coaches which combined have made millions of dollars from the game of poker. So, you will be able to learn so much from getting a membership at these sites. Phil Ivey, who is widely considered to be the best poker player in the world, has his own poker training website at, and as the homepage of the website says, you will get to “Play with the pros”. You can often download the videos so that you can watch them at a later time in the future.

Poker E-books

New poker e-books are coming out all the time. Due to the ease of which they can be published, poker e-books don’t become dated quickly. The great thing about buying a poker e-book is that most of them are focused around a specific game, so it can really help a player gain an in-depth understanding of playing a particular format of the game. If you haven’t already purchased a poker e-book, it would definitely be a great idea to invest in one or two with the profits you’ve made from poker. Knowledge is power as they say.

Talking with winning poker players

Probably one of the best ways to associate with winning online poker players is to join online poker forums such as 2+2. These poker communities are enormous and in addition to the vast resources of poker knowledge you can tap into, such forums will allow you to post hand histories of hands you’ve previously played, so you can get feedback on how you played certain hands.

Don’t just get feedback on hands you have lost either. The thing is you can play a hand well and lose and vice versa. The important thing you want to focus on is making the right decisions, the outcome of the hand is irrelevant. If you are consistently playing well, you will make money in the long run, which is what playing successful poker is all about.

All in all, playing online poker does not have to be confusing or a frustrating experience even if you’re a beginner with not much knowledge of playing the game. And it certainly does not have to involve huge sums of money unless of course you feel you are ready to take on higher buy-in cash games or tournaments. Sure, you might drop a few buy-ins due to some poor play, but you can put this down to earning a poker education, you learn the most from the mistakes you make, because they prove to be costly, and you don’t want to make the same mistake again.