Building a Bankroll from Nothing

New players who are just getting their start in the world of online poker games ask “What is the best way to build a bankroll from nothing if it’s possible at all?.” It certainly is possible to build a poker bankroll from absolutely nothing. Whether or not it’s worth it if you access to funds to start a bankroll is a question for another article.

First of all, let’s discuss the primary options available to online players for those who are thinking about building a bankroll from nothing. Regardless of whichever method of bankroll building you go with, you will need some time to establish itself.

This article is about building a bankroll from nothing, and so it wouldn’t be right not to include freerolls in the discussion. One of the most popular ways of building a bankroll from scratch would be to participate in freeroll online tournaments offered by various poker sites quite often on a daily basis and these feature real cash prizes. After winning money in freerolls you can move on to real money games.

It must be said that playing freerolls can be a difficult way to build up a bankroll, though, because there are lots of freerollers that are trying to do the same thing. So you will have to sometimes outlast thousands of players in order to cash in them. Make sure the freeroll tournament offers a reasonable amount of money for the winners, otherwise it will be an incredibly slow process building a bankroll from freerolls even if you happen to cash in them.

Another popular way to get access to funds you can start playing in real money online poker games with, would be to get a free bankroll. Some free bankroll offers can be used for play in the real money cash games, while others will apply to real money tournaments, in which case you’ll usually be given tournament tokens to play the games.

These free bankroll offers will give you an initial stake of free money you can play with, allowing you to start out at the lowest limits, which you are hopefully already good enough to beat, and then slowly but surely build a bankroll from there. Eventually you’ll have a sufficient bankroll with enough buy ins to consider moving up in limits where there is greater potential to make money.

Not sure about whether you have a big enough bankroll to take shots in bigger cash games? Read this cash game poker bankroll management article. We also have bankroll guidelines for playing multi table tournaments and sit n go’s that are worthwhile checking out.

You also want to be sure that you’re a winner in the games you’re playing before being too quick to move up in stakes. A common mistake that many novice players fall into is they lack the discipline to prove to themselves they’re a winner at the current level they’re playing, and just want to try and build up a bankroll as quickly as possible.

One of the difficulties of trying to build your poker bankroll from free bankroll offers, no deposit bonus, and the like, is that the size of these free money offers are quite small. Some money is better than no money so you can’t really complain it’s just that you are going to have to get a little lucky if you expect to build up the bankroll you have to play with into something that is a lot more substantial.

The worst case scenario is that you burn through the free money provided by the online poker room, but there is nothing stopping you from taking advantage of other free bankroll offers on other sites. Actually, it would be a really good idea to become a member at free bankroll sites like and These sites will keep you up to date with all the latest bankroll offers which in some cases are exclusive only to the members.

Chances are that you will have limited success trying to build a bankroll from absolutely nothing when first starting out in the online poker world. Some players are lucky enough to take down a freeroll or build up a sizeable roll from a free bankroll offer given to them, but there is no quick way to success and making money at poker. You’ll have to get in the “grind” of booking small wins, so that you can eventually build up a big enough bankroll to play in bigger games.

When starting out it would be a good idea to stick to playing at new poker sites as they tend to have softer games which are easier to beat. This is of course assuming the poker site has freerolls or a free bankroll offer you can take advantage of.