Pokerstars Marketing Code 2013

It’s easy to get the maximum bonus at PokerStars. With their 100% sign up bonus paying as much as $600, all you have to do is follow this guide step by step:

First of all you need to set up your account with PokerStars. Be sure to use the marketing code PSP3653” during signup!

After that it is time to make your intial deposit. When making this deposit, make sure to use the code “Stars600”.

If you’re ready to create your account, Click Here to visit PokerStars. Be sure to keep reading for more tips on 2013 PokerStars Bonus Codes!

PokerStars has quite a lot to offer players. They are well known as the world’s largest poker website, and boast the world’s best VIP program. The PokerStars VIP store has gifts, gadgets, electronics, and even cash prizes to purchase.

2013 may have only just begun, but it is already getting off to a fantastic start with PokerStars. With all the promotions as well as cash prizes available, it’s wise to make sure that you qualify to receive the best bonuses available. Enter in your PokerStars Bonus Code for 2013: PSP3653

PokerStars  2013 Bonus Code

PokerStars can afford to spend quite a bit of money on attracting new players. Because they are such a huge online presence and so popular in the gaming world they have a lot to offer. However, it in your best interest  to make sure you take advantage of all of their special offers.

Get the most for your money by making sure you have the best marketing code. Many people will skip the marketing code step during sign up, not even knowing that they have cost themselves potentially hundreds of dollars. This is cash that would have been immediately added to your bankroll!

Our marketing staff has an agreement with PokerStars that can help you boost your bankroll! All you need to do is enter in “PSP3653” where they ask for a marketing code. This qualifies you to earn a 100% deposit bonus up to $600. Not a bad payout for typing a short code in a box when you create your account!

>> Get Your $600 PokerStars Bonus <<

Quick Facts about PokerStars Bonus Codes

  • The standard deposit bonus at PokerStars is 100% up to $50. With our exclusive marketing code PSP3653 players can earn 100% sign up up to $600!
  • You have 90 days to make your first three deposits. Deposits made in this time frame count to your Sign Up Bonus.
  • You only need to earn 17 VIP Player Points per $1 of your bonus. 17 VPPs is about $2.70 in rake.
  • The clearance rate of the Sign Up bonus is 36%
  • You have 180 days to clear your entire bonus
  • Use the deposit code Stars600 when making your first deposit

How to Use a PokerStars Marketing Code

The first step is to bookmark this page, so you won’t misplace it while getting set up. Then write down, or copy to your clipboard the PokerStars marketing code PSP3653. To copy this to the clipboard you just highlight the marketing code with your mouse and press Control and C at the same time. Now you can go to PokerStars, which we have made very simple. Just click on any link to to the PokerStars here on this page.

Now that you are at PokerStars, click the Sign Up button. It will be very large and noticeable. The form is very short, and shouldn’t take you more than a couple minutes even if you are a slow typist. The form will be very similiar to this, and you must complete the entire form.

Your Name
Your Home Address
Email Address

There will be a place on the registration page that asks for your PokerStars Marketing Code. This is where you will enter in the code from before. You can type it in if you wrote it down, or you can Paste it off your  clip board by selecting the text box and pressing Control and V.

How To Get Your Sign Up Bonus with the PokerStars Marketing Code

After you have successfully created your new account, it is time to sign in and follow these instructions:

  • The Cashier Button is located at the bottom right hand of the screen- Click it!
  • Once you are in the cashier, click Buy Chips. It will be on the right hand side.
  • Choose whichever deposit method is the most convenient for you.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to finish your deposit.

Depending on the method you chooose, there will be a different minimum deposit requirement. This can be as low as $25, which is not very much at all to start your bankroll with! If this is all you can deposit, this deposit bonus will be even more useful to help boost your bankroll. Using this marketing code and the added bonus money and good strategy it won’t take long to build yourself up a respectable bank roll.

To take full advantage of the entire bonus offered by the PokerStars Marketing Code, make sure to deposit the maximum $600. If you cannot deposit $600, the closer you are to depositing this amount the greater amount of themselves bonus you are able to qualify for.

After you have entered in the marketing code and made your first deposit, you need to clear the bonus amount. You will not be able to see the bonus cash in your bankroll until the bonus is cleared. To clear the bonus, you need to earn VIP Player Points. For every 1$ you want cleared you must earn 17 VPPs. To clear your whole bonus amount, you must earn 17 times your entire bonus amount in VPPs. However, PokerStars makes it very easy to access your bonus as they do not require you to clear the entire amount at once. Every time you have cleared $10 worth of your bonus (or 170 VPPs) it will appear in your account.

This may seem like quite a lot of points to earn, but there is no rush. Players have 6 months from the day they made their first deposit to clear the bonus amount. However even just playing at the low stake tables (such as the .25/.50) for awhile will quickly rack up the VPPs.