Seals with Clubs Operator Faces Prosecution in Nevada

To operate online poker gaming sites for real money, land based casinos in the state of Nevada need to have licensing to be officially allowed to provide such gaming. Online poker operators can gain approval and work with land based sites to offer gaming to residents in Nevada. Thanks to a new multi-state agreement, players in Delaware can also take part in the poker gaming in the state. Anyone who tries to offer online poker gaming in Nevada and is not licensed to do so can face prosecution from the state. It was recently announced that the operator of Seals with Clubs is now facing charges for operating unlicensed gaming.

Bryan MiconGaming regulators of the state as well as the Nevada Attorney General’s Office are going after Bryan Micon and the online poker site, which offered real money gaming with Bitcoin. In a news conference earlier this week, Attorney General Adam Laxalt gave details into the case, which takes place just weeks after the Seals with Clubs poker site shut down.

A warrant was issued for Micon’s arrest on Monday by the Las Vegas Justice Court with charges of one count of operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system. With the charges, Micon faces as much as 10 years in jail as well as a fine of $50,000.

After the closure of the site, Micon placed a video on YouTube from Antigua to discuss a raid that took place in this phone. According to Micon, several guys broke down his door, brandishing guns and put him in handcuffs. He was served a warrant from his Nevada home by the state’s Gaming Commission. He also added that ten agents stole the majority of his electronics.

In the court papers that were filed earlier in the week, it stated that Micon operated the Seals with Clubs site with Bitcoin, a digital form of currency. The site was operated from March 1st of last year until February 9th of this year and Nevada officials claim the site was in operation without getting and maintaining the proper licensing.

Once Seals with Clubs was shut down, Micon opened a new site with Bitcoin, the In his statement on YouTube, Micon said that Bitcoins were safe and encouraged users to pull their currency from the site. The operator was not charged back in February and now it is not clear as to if Micon is still in the Antigua area when the warrant was issued.

Continuing to speak on his opinion, Micon stated that after he was arrested it was clear to him that he needed to leave soon so this is why he headed to Antigua. He felt worried for his child, who is only 2, and said he did not want her to grow up where creativity is met with guns and handcuffs.

According to Micon, the gaming authorities said they were familiar with his social media and work as a journalist. The gaming operator did not feel like he was doing anything that could be considered unethical.

When trying to reach Micon for comment, reports indicate he is only speaking through his lawyer. Richard Schonfeld, the defense attorney representing Micon, stated that his client has always maintained he committed no wrongdoing and he is not in the position to comment on the Attorney General’s filing because he has not seen it yet.

This instance is believed to be the first time the state of Nevada will be pursing charges based on unlicensed online poker operations. We will continue to follow the developments of this story and inform our readers of information as it is released.