Online Poker Revenues Continue to Decrease in New Jersey

New Jersey State SealThe state of New Jersey is one of only a select few that offers casino gaming in the United States. It was no surprise that the state began to offer online poker once the Wire Act was changed and has provided the opportunity for poker gaming online for over a year now. The once exciting activity now seems to have dwindled and that state is not seeing the revenues they were once able to earn. For the month of May, the figures are at a very low point, basically the second lowest since the activity began.

Since November 2014, the state has not seen a low like the one this past May. The dip was expected as the weather improved and players would be going outside to enjoy outdoor activities. Based on April’s figures, the percentage dropped was 2.9. But if you compare year over year, you will find a 15.2% decrease.

Based on these numbers, New Jersey needs to do something to bring in traffic to the sites. While Delaware and Nevada are seeing high traffic numbers due to player pooling, New Jersey has yet to sign on to the multi-state deal. If New Jersey would join forces with the other two states, more players would have access to their online poker offerings. Players currently in Nevada can log on to the Delaware poker sites to take part in their gaming while Delaware players can do the same in Nevada.

If New Jersey would join in, they would have more traffic to help with the decrease in gaming activity. Another factor that could help with revenues is PokerStars. The top online poker giant has yet to be able to join the market with delay after delay. Reportedly, PokerStars will be in the market by the fall, but this could change. It seems as though once the operator moves a step forward they are forced one step back.

Players are logging online and taking part in iPoker but not in the numbers needed. With PokerStars, players would have access to additional gaming options that should be enticing enough to bring in traffic. One of the most popular forms of poker gaming is the Lottery Sit and Go. PokerStars offers this option and any player who wants to enjoy this type of gaming can only do so in New Jersey via Winning Poker Network which is not licensed within New Jersey.

New Jersey officials have been unresponsive to suggestions of joining Delaware and Nevada in player pooling. Officials do realize something needs to be done to bring in revenues in the gambling industry. As of last year, four casinos closed down and this year, additional casinos are struggling. With online gaming, the state hoped to help the gambling industry but will need to make some type of changes to ensure the industry can stay steady or bring in an increase in revenues to help the industry.

Delaware has also seen a decrease in gaming revenue earnings. While pool sharing was upping the revenues in the state, May saw a 19% decrease. In April, the state was able to earn $48,552 with online poker while May earned just $39,245. Despite the decrease, Harrington Raceway actually saw an increase in revenues from April of just over 14%.

For now, the market is shifting but this can certainly be attributed to the summer season. Once fall arrives, we should see a nice increase in online gaming as players are staying in and taking advantage of online options. Nevada is still holding strong currently, but has the World Series of Poker to help with traffic numbers.