PokerStars On Point with Security Measures Against Hacking

Every top online poker site needs to have security measures in place to reduce the risk of players losing personal information to hackers. From account fraud to multi-accounts, there are many issues that operators must deal with on a daily basis. It is important for online poker rooms to stay up to date with technologies and take the appropriate measures to ensure that their members are safe. Recently, PokerStars became the subject of discussion in regards to player security after complaints were made over player hacking. An official came forward after the complaints to alert members of what PokerStars actually does to protect their members.

Michael Josem, PokerStarsTwoPlusTwo is a popular poker forum in which players visit to vent frustrations, gossip and discuss goings on in the poker community. Players had been complaining on the forum of security issues at PokerStars due to account hacking. Michael Josem, the Head of PR at PokerStars, responded to the complaints in length, alerting players as to the efforts made by the poker site to secure game play.

Josem stated that there has not been an increase in account hackings. Players are just becoming more aware of the problem and this has spurred in part, by the notification emails PokerStars now sends out when an account at PokerStars is logged on to from a different area, not the normal location.

The site now has additional security measures on top of the password protection, SMS validations, PINs and RSA security tokens. PokerStars now has security questions in place that help to control account hacking. The approach by PokerStars is multi-faceted to help with account security. The number of accounts that are hacked needs to be reduced as well as the damage done if hacking does occur.

Josem reported that in cases of hacking in January/February, zero monies were lost in around 52% of the cases. In the 48% that is left, it was around $57.09 per hack that was lost. Players are at a loss when this happens as PokerStars does not have any regulations that requires the site to pay back lost funds, which is a major irritation to those who lost money in this manner.

PokerStars is insisting that security for online poker accounts should be a combined effort from the site and player. The password must be protected by the player as the site uses an encryption system which does not allow them to know the actual password. Players must take care to never reveal this information to anyone. Additional security measures can be set up by the player via the site including RSA tokens and SMS Validation, but if the password is known by the hacker, this can defeat the overall purpose of security.

In the response by Josem at TwoPlusTwo, it read:

Michael Josem's Response at TwoPlusTwo

For now, PokerStars is making all efforts to protect player accounts. With players doing their part, the percentage of hacks will hopefully continue to decrease and players will be able to enjoy their time online without the threat of account hacking.