PokerStars Confirms Bot Ring Investigation

PokerStarsRumors have been circulating that online poker room PokerStars is investigating an alleged poker bot ring. According to reports, the rumors are true as PokerStars has confirmed their investigation efforts. PokerStars has been subject to difficulty at the mid-stakes PLO tables and think a poker bot ring is operating at the site.

The bots are reportedly located at the $0.50/$1 and $1/$2 Six Max cash tables and have been able to earn as much as $1.4 million in the process. The situation was brought to the attention of the media and poker industry via the poker forums at Two Plus Two. The first poster of the issue was NVG who stated that there seems to be several accounts that are crushing the MSPLO tables at PokerStars. NVG felt as though the accounts were bots or programs that were playing on the site.

When comparing the game play of the suspected accounts, it was found that the game play was very similar. When comparing the alleged bots to human game play, the activity was very different. Poker players investigating the matter found that two human players compared to each other would have a difference value of 600 to 1,200 while the bots were separated by only a few points.

PokerStars has confirmed the activity by stating: “We can confirm that a number of these accounts have indeed been closed for violations of our Terms of Service…Due to our strict privacy policy, we are unable to disclose user IDs in the context of fraud.”

PokerStars did admit that accounts with similar playing stats could be a result of fraudulent behavior, it is not proof. PokerStars stated that their investigation into the matter includes and is not limited to reviewing the gaming software and playing environment as well as how the accounts interact with the client of PokerStars, analyzing activity in real-time and Turing tests.

In the poker forums, players were questioning as to if the usage of poker bots would be better used at the MTTs instead of the mid-stakes PLO tables. The bot would operate better when able to exploit the table, the opponents and playing styles of competitors.

PokerStars security team asked players of the site, via the forum, to contact the online poker room directly instead of posting at the forums. PokerStars does not want the potential offenders to be tipped off and stop their activity during the investigation. PokerStars also wants players to avoid any slander issues.

Certain players who were affected by the reported bot game play were refunded by PokerStars. Players would expect a repayment when an incident of this nature takes place. The game play is not fair and players would be losing in a false environment. Every time an incident of this nature takes place, the poker room takes measures to give back to effected players. By keeping players happy, the online poker room shows they are behind their players and want to keep game play legit without fraudulent behavior.

This is not the first time nor will it be the last that an online poker site is subject to poker bots. In most cases, the poker bot is operated by one individual and will affect game play on a small scale. However, with technology constantly evolving, opportunities for poker bot rings can only increase. This activity is not accepted in the poker community and is an unfair way for those who do use bots to take part in game play. regular monitoring of online poker accounts and listening to players can help sites keep track of any suspicious behavior and take care of any issue.