Poker Players and PokerStars Respond to Poker Bot Scandal

The recent news of the PokerStars poker bot scandal have rocked the poker world as players wrap their head around how they lost money to a computer. Poker bots are not uncommon and many online poker sites have to deal with such issues on a regular basis. Basically an individual or group of individuals will use a program to play online and defeat players easily, taking money that was not rightfully earned.

PokerStars has suspected a bot was in play online at the poker tables and now have released additional information on the subject. The Pot Limit Omaha tables of the $0.50/$1 and $1/$2 are the tables in question and are suspected to have been affected by a bot ring created by players in Russia and Kazakhstan. The players involved reportedly won $1.5 million during game play.

The amount earned by the poker bot is astounding but it is also massive when you consider the benefits the players earned in the process with the reward programs provided by PokerStars. From the Stellar Rewards to the PokerStars VIP program, there are many ways for players to be rewarded during game play.

Michael JosemPokerStars as well as players of the site have spoken out on how they despise the activity. Several accounts have been banned at the site and players who were affected have been given a refund. Speaking with PokerNews on the subject, Michael Josem, the Head of Public Relations said that PokerStars tries hard to determine if players are using software that is prohibited such as bots.

In his comment with the news source, Josem stated that PokerStars works hard to stay ahead of those who try and violate the rules of the site. Resources are used both software and of the human variety to detect and mitigate the violations which includes the use of prohibited software including bots.

In such cases where bots are used, more than 95% of those associated are detected by PokerStars and little under 5% are detected by players of the game. PokerStars welcomes the assistance of their members to help enforce the rules of the game as it can add more insight to any issues and complement the methods PokerStars uses for detection. The site also continues to upgrade detection capabilities to stay in front of the bad guys.

Players have also spoke out on the subject, claiming it is naive to think that cheating does not exist. Because there is money to be made, there will always be someone who will try and take advantage. It is in the interest of the poker room as well as players for the online poker sites to remain clean and untarnished.

Many players question the due diligence of PokerStars as players had a hand in the discovery of the alleged poker bot operation. Many have posted on forums that they feel it is not the player’s job to discover such activities and that PokerStars should have had some inkling as to what was going on. Others still feel as though PokerStars handles any problem well, including this poker bot situation.

Overall, PokerStars keeps players in the know as to what is going on when such instances of cheating occur. This is something to take note of as many online poker rooms sweep instances like this under the rug and do not give players the information they need to feel good about the situation. Players can rest assured that PokerStars will do what they can to remedy the situation and work hard to ensure player safety and security at all times.