Player Verifications Company Approved for New Jersey Operations

New Jersey StateOne of the biggest problems with online poker gaming in the United States if geolocation services. With this service, states such as New Jersey are able to determine where a player is located to approve game play. A gaming site in New Jersey must have geolocation services to determine the location of each player and only approve game play for those who are located within the borders of the state. When online gaming first began in New Jersey, geolocation was an issue. Players were not able to enjoy online poker gaming as the geolocation service did not function properly. Over the more than one year time frame the state has offered online poker gaming, geolocation services have been updated and configured to better serve the industry.

With these improvements, players have had little to no issue with playing online poker. It was recently announced that LexisNexis Risk Solutions will be offering age and identity verification services within the state of New Jersey. The company was recently approved by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement to better serve players located within the state’s borders.

The company, LexisNexis, reportedly has vast experience in the gaming industry and states they can offer top verification for customers located within the state that are of age to compete in online poker gaming as well as having no connections to organized crime. Rick Trainor, the CEO of Business Services for the LexisNexis Risk Solutions, stated in a press release:

Rick Trainor's Statement

The health of the online poker industry only benefits from proper geolocation services. Players can easily log on and enjoy their favorite online poker games as well as casino options within the state of New Jersey. Know Your Customer technology is a must as only those who are allowed to play will be given access to the online poker and casino gaming sites.

KYC technology must be reliable so players can be allowed to enjoy game play only if they meet the state’s gaming requirements. LexisNexis uses the reliable technology needed to ensure regulators can maintain the integrity of the game by allowing players to enroll and take part in game play and avoid underage gaming, money laundering and fraudulent activity.

Also commenting on the capability of the LexisNexis, the current managing director of the Spectrum Group, Fredric Gushin, stated:

Fredric Gushin's Statement

Since gaining approval, the company will now move forward to offer their services for players within the state of New Jersey. The industry can only continue to grow from here as New Jersey continues to make changes to meet the demand for online poker and casino gaming. The state remains a leading provider of both online poker and casino gaming as players living and visiting the area take advantage of top operators offering such services.