Player Concerns Brought to PokerStars Executives by Daniel Negreanu

Top poker sites understand they must take into consideration the wants and needs of poker players. To stay popular, sites must offer quality cash gaming, tournament events, special promotions and more so players will come back each and every day. Many poker sites have ambassadors or representatives who are available to listen to player concerns and bring these issues to executives. Keeping players happy means that sites will have steady traffic and will continue to earn much-needed revenues.

Daniel NegreanuDaniel Negreanu is a top poker pro known for working with top site PokerStars. The Team Pro member is a top ambassador for many reasons, one of which is listening to player concerns and helping to see changes made at PokerStars. Negreanu is very involved in player relations and regularly visits forums and speaks with players on their wants and needs in online poker gaming.

Just recently Negreanu participated in a podcast by Joe Ingram which discussed the PokerStars site and certain gaming options. During the podcast, Negreanu spoke out about PLO rake and how he was going to discuss the matter with executives at PokerStars. It was after reading a poker forum post on the subject, Negreanu began to see concerns and has now promised to bring information to the board.

In the podcast, the poker pro stated that he knows the issue and has been concerned for some time. He had a meeting scheduled for later in the day and planned on discussing the PLO rake matter with executives. He did say his abilities are limited but he does have a platform to bring player concerns to light. He promised to do his best to make a case to see an adjustment in the gaming option.

The issue with PLO is that the same rules apply for rake as with No Limit Hold’em, which gives the operator more money from the table with each hand. When comparing big blinds based on 100 hands and compared to other variants, players are finding it more expensive to play PLO at PokerStars.

In the thread that Negreanu mentions in the podcast, the calculations show the rake for 10c/25c PLO is around 112% more than with NLHE games. 74% more with the Zoom table games which is the fast-fold variant of the site.

PLO rake is a hot subject of debate at PokerStars and continues to be an issue that players want to see changed. The arguments first began in 2012 and then by 2013, PokerStars made a few changes and reduced the rake for micro stake games of PLO where blinds were 1c/2c and 10c/25c. PokerStars made the changes due to the player need not due to the fact they wanted to make the changes. This is how PokerStars continues to be a big player in the game. They listen to player concerns and make appropriate changes.

PokerStars may not be willing to make any changes after it has been a few years since the gaming had small changes to the PLO variant. Unless player concerns become too vocal, the site will be able to keep everything as is and continue to see players taking part in PLO gaming. Negreanu can voice player concerns and then the executives will make a decision as to if changes will be made.

It will be interesting to see in the coming days if the poker pro was able to make any headway. What we do know is that Negreanu and PokerStars help players and at least listen to what members of PokerStars would like to see changed.