Phil Hellmuth’s Battle for #15 WSOP Bracelet Continues

Phil HellmuthWhether you play online poker or stick to the casinos, you have heard of Phil Hellmuth. Known as the poker brat, Hellmuth continues to dominate in the game of poker, particularly when it comes to World Series of Poker bracelets. The poker pro has 14 total, having earned his 14th this year, and is hoping to only add to his collection before the 2015 WSOP is over.

Hellmuth earned his 14th bracelet during the $10,000 Seven-Card Razz Championship which took place just a few weeks ago. Hellmuth was able to defeat the 103 player field to earn his 14th bracelet, setting him even further apart from Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan, who each have 10 bracelets a piece.

During the Razz event, Hellmuth stated he had to detach himself so he would not be focused solely on the win. He was amazed at how he was able to earn the first place finish by simply focusing on the goal at hand. Hellmuth would defeat Mike Gorodinsky in heads up play to earn the $271,105 win but it was the gold bracelet that he had his eye on.

Hellmuth is now trying to earn a second win this year to push himself even further into WSOP history. Taking part in the $111,111 High Roller for One Drop event, Hellmuth seemed to have a shot, making the final table and working his way to the final round of game play. However, he would soon find himself the short stack and be eliminated in 6th place, coming so close to his 15th bracelet, yet not quite close enough.

A pivotal moment in the game occurred when Hellmuth went up against Bill Klein. Going in with 500,000 the two were head to head with a flop of K-K-7. Hellmuth bet 350,000 and Klein called with a turn showing an 8. Hellmuth then bet again, this time 475,000 and Klein called. The King on the river saw Hellmuth betting 600,000 and Klein upped the ante to 2.6 million. Hellmuth thought it over for some time before calling. Klein showed K-6 for quads while Hellmuth held 8-6 for a full house.

The next hand would be even worse for Hellmuth as he would take on Jonathan Duhamel. Losing a big hand to Duhamel would single the beginning of the end for Hellmuth. The pro continued to lose chips and on the final hand would go down to Dan Perper. Hellmuth raised 500,000 which left him with only a few remaining chips.

Perper would reraise all-in and Hellmuth would make the call, essentially placing his One Drop event life out on a limb. Hellmuth flipped his cards over to reveal A-4 off-suit while Perper showed pocket kings. The flop fell Q-8-7 with a 3 on the turn, giving Hellmuth the hope of a flush. However, a 5 on the river was not the right suit and Hellmuth would be eliminated in 6th place.

The WSOP bracelet winner would earn $696,821 for his efforts but would be short the 15th bracelet. Coming so close yet not begin able to earn the win is a hard pill to swallow. For now, Hellmuth will have to take the loss and look forward to the next WSOP event to earn another gold bracelet.

The WSOP Main Event is only a short time away and Hellmuth is sure to take part in the most anticipated event of the series. What an amazing event it would be if the poker pro were able to earn the win, claiming his 15th poker bracelet of the WSOP.