Online Poker Petition Created To Void iPoker Ban

USA Online Poker LegislationFor months now, poker proponents have been trying to get their point across that it is okay to enjoy poker online. From legislation in the works for individual states to the passing of legislation in Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada, the online poker industry is slowly growing in the United States. Players must be located within states that offer legalization and regulation to take part until a federal option is offered.

But just like there are proponents of the activity, there are also opponents. A major player in the opposed category to online poker is Sheldon Adelson. The Las Vegas Sands owner does not want to see online poker offered across the board in the US so he has created the Restoration of America’s Wire Act to ban online gaming period. If the measure is passed, online gaming activity, including poker, would cease to exist in the US.

After holding a one-side hearing on the subject, poker players began to feel as though there was nothing that could be done to show the benefits and positive aspects to online poker. However, a petition has now been put in place to allow poker players to voice their opinion. The petition was created to preserve the right of gamers to enjoy online poker, with the creator of the petition hoping to have 100,000 signatures within a one month time frame.

The petition is located at the site and can be found here. The speculation surrounding the RAWA legislation is that the bill will not pass, but it does paint poker in a negative light. And while many feel the measure has a ways to go before it can be passed, it is possible. Poker proponents must protect their rights to play the game and one way in doing so is to sign this petition.

The petition reads:

Poker Players Petition

Anyone in favor of online poker should visit the petition site and sign the petition. Anything that can be done to help promote online poker and not promote the RAWA legislation is worthwhile. While the RAWA legislation would ban online poker, there is hope for a nationwide legalization of the option. Just a few days ago, Joe Barton, a Congressman of Texas, stated that he would be reintroducing an online poker bill to see the activity legalized and regulated throughout the US.

The new bill would be an opponent of the RAWA legislation, backed by billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Over the coming weeks, we should learn more about the legislation and see the two bills go head to head as both proponents and opponents of the activity face off to see who will be the victor. As a proponent of online poker, I can only hope the positive legislation will pass to allow Americans the right to the activity which is already being enjoyed in unregulated and unsafe markets.