Pennsylvania Senator Willing to Look at iGaming Proposals

The state of Pennsylvania has been on the move when it comes to online gaming legislation. With three proposals on the books, the state is on the right track to become the next to enter into the online gaming market of the US. Hearings just recently took place on the subject of gaming online which resulted in a positive report of the potential for the state to enter into the blossoming industry.

We have now learned that on Tuesday, a press conference took place in which two senators of the state discussed legislative topics including online gaming. During the short conference, there were remarks made on the state moving forward with legislation to allow online poker gaming. The subject of online gaming seemed just as important as other hot topic discussions under debate within the state.

Jay CostaBased on the information from the conference, Democratic Senator Jay Costa has stated he is willing to look at any proposals in regards to online gaming. This is good news as support is needed for the current bills within the state. This includes HB 649, an online gaming bill created by Representative John Payne. Payne’s bill is serious and wants to see the option become a reality within the state.

Payne is the Chairman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee, which certainly can help his position on the subject. In a previous interview on the subject of legislation, Payne stated that it is his job to introduce legislation within the Gaming Committee that can be presented to the leadership team in May that will say they are serious on the subject of gaming. The state needs to focus on earning revenues and create a full outline on the subject.

Payne alongside his co-chair Nick Kotik are working hard to see their online gaming bill passed into legislation. The bill looks as though it will pass the GO Committee which would be the next step after several online gambling hearings take place. The next hearing is scheduled for the 6th of May which will be the last hearing on the subject. Once the hearings are complete, it is expected that the legislation of Payne’s will be voted on in the GO Committee and then move on to the House floor.

Even if all the pieces fall in to place, there are still many more steps in which the legislation must take to be made into law. However, with the senator admitting that the legislation is being considered, it seems the bill has a positive chance to move forward. The bill could easily move forward quickly if all the right steps are taken as expected.

There are three total bills that have been introduced, the one by Payne, HB 695 by Nick Miccarelli and HB 920 by Tina Davis, all of which were produced by representatives of the state. Each of the hearings scheduled for online gambling have taken place in the House and covered each legislation measure.

For more than a year the state has tried to pass legislation that would allow for online gaming to take place. It seems as though the state is nearing the end of their fight for iGaming, but now a roadblock may be in the way. Representative Thomas Murt recently proposed a new bill, HB 1013, which would place a ban on online gaming within the state.

Why Murt introduced such legislation now remains a mystery. However, we do know that the bill has 7 co-sponsors and would not allow the state to participate in online gaming. It will be interesting to see if this measure will harm the efforts made within the state to offer online gaming.