New Support Forum Launched by WSOP

WSOPWhen enjoying online poker player, many times players will find they are in need of assistance. Whether it be questions on game play or how to work a bonus, players need to be able to access assistance quickly. Most online poker sites offer a live chat option which connects players to a real person for help in any manner. However, poker forums are starting to be a better option as players have the opportunity to consult with other gamers as well as discuss any issues openly. With forums, players can learn more about certain aspects of the game and be able to get insight on situations that they may not understand clearly.

At the, players now have a new option for player support. The WSOP brand has announced they are now offering a new online support forum that the WSOP will be operating. The new forum can be found at the WSOP site and is open to players from New Jersey as well as Nevada. Players in the regulated markets will be able to access information via the support forum whenever a problem or question arises. The forum was created for online game play but also has categories that include information on the Circuit and Las Vegas WSOP events.

Players who are not members of the WSOP site can register at either the Nevada or New Jersey site to access the new forum. Players can use the forum to receive poker advice from the forum as well as talk about bad beats and bragging about big take downs.

Before the forum was created, the WSOP had a support thread at the TwoPlusTwo poker forums. Players had access to the forum but information was limited at the site. Bill Rini of the World Series of Poker took to the forum at TwoPlusTwo to state that the WSOP wanted to create their own forum to provide players with one area for all information on the brand. With social media outlets, players were able to communicate but the WSOP wanted to have one centralized location that would offer support communication for their members. The new forum is considered a more effective and efficient option for communication with a larger number of players.

Instead of trying to be in many places at once, players can come to one area and find categories for the information they need. This way, more players can become familiar with the WSOP brand and find the help they need quickly and efficiently. Players can still use the TwoPlusTwo forum but the response times are now being prioritized at the new support forum of the WSOP website.

The new forum offers categories for every player to allow gamers to find answers to the questions they need, when they are needed. Having an open forum for discussion at the WSOP, allows players to have fun discussing the game as well as have a reliable source for information regarding game play, events, special promotions and more.

The move to offer the new poker forum, the WSOP continues to prove while they are a top operator in the online poker industry. The brand is the largest in the US and is the top provider of game play in the state of Nevada. Players have continued to enjoy the gaming offerings at the WSOP site and with the new forum, players can access the best information and increase their game play in skill as well as profit. Players can visit the WSOP site to take a look at the new forum and see all the new details available at the online poker site.