Harry Reid Switches Agenda; Leaning towards US Online Gambling Ban

Harry ReidLegislators have been known to flip flop a time or two on their opinions on a variety of matters and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seems to have changed his stance on online gambling in the United States. The current senator of Nevada has now stated he is in line with the mind set of Sheldon Adelson and will be fighting against online gambling in the United States.

Just recently, Reid conducted an interview with the Las Vegas Sun and tried to not speak on the subject but eventually showed his true colors. The Senator stated that he would most likely ban online gambling instead of endorsing legislation that would allow the activity to take place.

In the interview, Reid stated that he is going to look closely at the game of poker and has yet to make up his mind but is going to look into a complete ban of online gambling. He says a hard look at the activity must be done and a ban is something he would consider strongly.

Reid has admitted that he would be in support of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, which was introduced by Representative Jason Chaffetz. The bill would ban online gaming from taking place in the US. Reid stated that he would be a big advocate for the Senate version of the bill if the measure moved forward in the House. In several interviews, Reid has stated that he would be working to push the bill forward.

The fact that Reid has made such a dramatic change in his feelings towards online gaming is quite disheartening. Reid was a strong advocate for gaming in the past and had tried to regulate online poker in a federal capacity before. He even working with former Senator Jon Kyl in 2012 to draft a bill, but never saw any progress further than drafting.

Reid tried to state why he changed his mind to now be against online poker by saying he worked really hard to see the game added in the state and thought it would be great for Nevada. He basically claims that since he was unable to get legislation passed then now it’s time to switch gears, which makes absolutely no sense.

Rather than make changes to the legislation he was worked on in the past to try and see online poker allowed in the US, Reid decides to change his mind completely and work on a total ban. It seems as though Adelson may be lining the senator’s pockets and making him see the activity in a different light. Reid will be out of office in 2016, so there is still time for the senator to affect the online poker industry in a negative light.

While Reid may be changing his tune, others are still continuing the fight for online poker. John Pappas, the Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance, is one such fighter, continuing to work for poker player needs. Pappas stands strong against RAWA as well as the rest of the PPA, plus legislators across the US and players.

The subject of online poker is a touchy one despite the fact that the industry is slowly taking shape in the United States. Hopefully new legislators will be able to breathe new life into measures that will allow gaming to begin in additional states. New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada already have a foothold in the online industry and additional states are making their move including Pennsylvania and California. The coming months will help to see which states will move forward and if an additional push is made with a federal ban in the US. Only time will tell how the industry will change or grow as additional legislation is introduced.