Additional FTP Payments to Be Reimbursed This Month

Full Tilt PokerBy the end of the month, another group of former Full Tilt Poker players from the United States will have cash in hand after waiting years to be paid. It has been almost four years since the repayment process began in the United States and players are more than ready to see the process completed. The Garden City Group was hired as the claims administrator for the process and has worked for some time now, gathering information and planning out the remission process.

Starting last year, players began to receive payments on a regular basis. Players had to log on to the Full Tilt Poker Claims site and fill out a form for payment. Information was required for players to submit to be able to claim the funds they were owed. The GCG went over this information and paid certain players first, then moved on to different groups of former Full Tilt Poker players based in the US.

Currently, the Garden City Group has announced that around 1,500 petitioners will be paid by the end of the month, with close to $2.8 million to be paid in full. The Full Tilt Poker Claims site made the announcement last week with information on who would receive payments and when payment would be made.

It has been since October of last year since the GCG had updated players on the Full Tilt Poker remissions process. With the new update, players are advised that any petitioner who had a disputed account balance of $500 or less should be paid by the end of the month. Players who had disputed claims of $500.01 to $2,000 would also be paid as long as the disputed difference was just 20% or less from the amount petitioners claimed compared to the FTP account balance.

Petitioners who were able to confirm their account balances but payment was delayed to bank account information inaccuracies or other issues should also be paid this month. Of the amount of players who will be paid this month, it is unclear as to the percentage of each category.

The payment for players was approved by the Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section who is over the process after the Rational Group took over Full Tilt, which has since been acquired by Amaya Gaming. Players based outside the United States that were owed fund were paid back in late 2012, so US players have been waiting some time since players in other countries were paid their remissions.

To ensure payment is made to the right account, the GCG will verify a player account with a zero dollar transaction. Players should see a zero amount of transaction on a bank statement which is just ensuring the money can be placed into the account. It will not be long after this dummy transaction is made that the payment should be included in the player’s account.

Additional payments should be made in the future, but as for additional information on the process, it is not available as of yet. Players who had disputed claims of $500.01 to $2,000 that had a higher percentage of difference between the disputed claim the FTP balance will have their petition under review. Anyone who is paid this month and owes a debt to the government can expect the amount to be withdrawn before payment is made to the player account.

So far, over 33,000 players in the US have been paid for their account balances at Full Tilt Poker. By the end of the month, $100 million will have been repaid to players who used Full Tilt Poker for online poker gaming.