Online Poker on Linux

Linux online poker players have various options available to them. Since the majority of poker software developed by the leading operators are compatible with Windows and Mac computers only, it does pose a few problems for Linux poker players.

The reason this is the case is because the Linux poker market pales in comparison to the other markets, so it’s not really worth it for online poker operators to develop standalone applications that work specifically for Linux machines.

That being said, even though it’s a little more difficult to play online poker on Linux, it’s not an insurmountable obstacle for diehard Linux poker players. After all, when there is a will, there is always a way, and this is no different when it comes to playing online poker on linux.

Playing online poker on Linux is basically possible via one of the following methods:

No Download Poker

One of the first options for Linux poker players to look out for is whether there is a no download poker option available. The good news is that when playing at some poker sites, it isn’t a requirement to download the poker client in order to play the online poker games. The no download versions of poker sites that run games within the browser are a good method for playing online poker on a Linux operating system, or any OS with a compatible browser for that matter.

However, although this method provides Linux players with a quick and easy way to play online poker, the one requirement is that the instant play version is powered by Java and not Flash, otherwise the online poker games won’t work. Well, you can get it to work, but if the games are flash-based, you will need to use an emulator, and if you have to go down this path, you might as well download the software of the poker room.

To play at linux poker sites, you simply need to visit the homepage of the preferred poker site you wish to play at, and you should see an “Instant Play” or “No Download” link which you can click on that will open up the poker room’s lobby. From there, the list of tables you can join will be displayed, and you can filter this list to display only the games you like playing.

Install Wine

An alternative to playing at linux poker rooms via the no download version, is to look at installing the Wine application, which allows you to run Windows programs on your Linux machine. So, although you won’t find poker rooms that are specifically compatible with Linux, it won’t matter, as you will be able to install the regular installer that will work on Windows systems.

Getting wine installed so that you can play poker on Linux won’t take very long at all. You can easily find detailed instructions on how to install Wine on Google, and the good news is that Wine is a totally free application.

All of this being said, installing Wine to play online poker on a Linux machine isn’t always without headaches and some Linux users have experienced some issues relating to sound problems and several other malfunctions whilst playing poker on their Linux machine.

Dual Boot System

The third alternative that Linux poker players will definitely want to consider is performing a dual boot. This allows you to operate multiple operating systems simultaneously, so that you can operate Windows and Linux on the same box.

This is a good option to consider for Linux users, as you can bypass having to installing Wine or similar applications to be able to run Windows programs on a Linux OS. It is much easier just booting into the operating system to wish to use for the task you want to perform, and setting up a dual boot system that lets you boot into Linux as well as other operating systems like Windows is fairly simple to accomplish.

To do a dual boot, you’ll need to partition your hard drive, since you will need to install each individual operating system in their own partition. Once you complete the process of partitioning the hard drive and installing Linux and Windows, on startup you will be able to select what operating system you would like to boot into.

Which option above is the best one for you really depends on your technical knowledge you have as well as how much time you have before jumping straight into online poker games. It goes without saying that the instant play mode is the quickest way to get amongst the online poker action on a Linux machine, although the features and games may be a little more limited.