Online Poker in Canada

You want to play poker for big stakes, mid stakes, or just for fun, but the wins barely amount to anything once you take into account all of the expenses such as food, drinks, hotel, and entertainment. Wouldn’t it be good to enjoy the poker experience and still be able to play for real money from the comfort of your own home in Canada? Well, you can, thanks to the internet and online poker sites.

There’s one big question that novice Canadian players have on their minds. That is whether or not online poker is legal in Canada?

The gambling legislation in Canada is a bit of a grey area. Up until recent years, the idea that online gambling sites would be allowed in Canada was undoubtedly out of the question. However, the Canadian provinces soon came to the realization that online poker and online casino games would provide a good source of income for them which they don’t currently have.

As it stands, there are no federal laws that make it illegal to play online poker in Canada. As a matter of fact, the Canadian online poker market in similar to the Australian market in many ways. Whilst it’s possible for Canadians to play online poker for real money from their own backyard, it’s not legal for companies to operate online casinos and online poker sites from Canada.

So, this just means the vast majority of gaming companies are located offshore, not far from Canada actually, for example in Kahnawake Territory, which is located just outside Montreal in Quebec. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) is a gambling regulatory body that issues licenses to many online gaming sites including online poker operators accepting Canadian players.

When playing at one of the top Canadian online poker sites that are audited and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or other respected third-party company, you can be sure that their online poker games and random number generator (RNG) is reviewed and tested for accuracy to ensure fair and honest games.

Furthermore, there are several provincial online casinos which also have poker rooms. These sites are owned by the provinces in which their servers are located, but the Canadian players who are playing at such sites don’t get to play against players located from other parts of the world. The weaker traffic of these smaller provincial sites also makes it more difficult to generate enough traffic at most games and stakes.

As a result of Black Friday, with three of the largest online poker sites closing their doors to players in the United States, many of these players migrated to Canada, as this meant they could continue to play on all of the best online poker sites, including PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Since virtually all of the legal Canadian online poker sites are based outside of Canada, funding your online poker account so you can play online poker games on these sites isn’t always simple to do. Similar to the United States, Canadian banks and financial institutions do not process gambling related transactions using Canadian-issued credit cards, and this also includes prepaid cards. Some credit cards can still be used for Canadians to fund their accounts for real money online poker play, although it can be a bit hit and miss depending on your card issuer and the poker site you are playing at.

Many Canadian online poker sites will make you set up third party accounts with money transfer sites to make it possible to transfer funds to and from your account. But regardless of the banking methods available to Canadian players, it’s always recommended that you play at an established and reputable online poker site. It shouldn’t be a hugely frustrating process just to be able to deposit and withdraw funds. The online poker sites accepting Canadian players know this and do their best to offer a flexible number of deposit options for their players.

If you like to play online poker on a mobile, the good news is that all of the top online poker sites for Canadians have mobile poker playing apps, so you can play poker on the go, on pretty much any popular smartphone or tablet. The top three Canadian poker sites, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and 888Poker, all have mobile poker apps, so that players can play their favorite poker games. And even though you may decide to make an account and deposit into your account via a mobile, you’ll still get to take advantage of all the available sign up bonuses for new players.

On this site, we try and help you out by reviewing the best online poker sites that accept Canadian online poker players, so it would be in your best interests to look at the pros and cons of each site.