Micro Stakes Poker

Nowadays the internet is full of poker rooms that offer a wide variety of tournaments and ring game tables with low, medium and high buy-ins. Excluding the freeroll tournaments and guaranteed tourneys with huge prize pools, the vast majority of the real money poker action is concentrated at the micro stakes tables.

Micro stakes usually refers to stakes ranging from $0.01/$0.02 to $0.10/$0.25. If you check out the poker room’s lobby you will notice a long list of micro stakes tables full, while the higher stakes games have fewer tables and players. Most active poker players can be found at these classic micro stakes ring game tables.

There is a simple explanation for the extremely high number of micro stakes poker compared to the higher stakes games, and that it is that most players do it just for fun so they have micro bankrolls to play with a long time.

Usually at the micro stakes you will find a lot of fishes and amateur players that just want to have some fun or beginners that are taking their first step in the world of online poker. Playing micro stakes poker implies lower risk of losing large amounts of money. Even if you drop a buy-in or two it’s not going to hurt you too much financially. This is the reason which makes low stakes online poker games so attractive for so many players.

With so little risk involved, most players tend to play loose and the number of players that get to see the river is higher than in medium or high stakes games. Some players tend to be more aggressive while others are just “calling stations”.

As you can imagine, at this lower level, the game is full of bad players that are still learning the ropes and the winners in the game are those who are committed to becoming better poker players and can make fewer mistakes against their opponents.

Many micro stakes players will call continuously just to see if they can get lucky on turn or river of if they already have a made hand but it’s a marginal holding will call you down till the river not thinking about the hands you are trying to represent but only they “have a pair and can’t fold.”

Here there is no place for bluffing, at least versus the typical micro stakes fishy players. You will always find opponents that will call any sized pre-flop raise even re-raises, and so the value of your premium hand drops, so you really need to make these calling stations pay to see the flop to try and outflop you in an attempt to narrow down the field and give you the best chance of winning.

Micro stakes poker is definitely the most fun type of real money poker offering a lot of action with low risks. But in order to have the most fun you want to play well to give yourself every chance of turning a profit in the micro stakes poker games you like to play.

By avoiding the common newbie mistakes, for example, acting weak and trapping players, which is something you see a lot of amateur poker players do, you will get the job done against the majority of micro limit players. Although being deceptive with your big hands is a natural tendency in human behavior, it goes completely against the basic fundamentals of playing winning poker in that of betting your value hands strongly.

Novice players have a tendency to slow play their strong hands way too often, and miss out on a ton of value as a result. Sometimes it can be good to fight fire with fire and let them know you are capable of being aggressive yourself. Otherwise, they will rob you blind and think you’re a pushover. You will be waiting around a long time, waiting for strong hands to “trap” them with, since making monster hands is not something that is easy to do.

What is the most profitable playing style for micro stakes poker? There really is no one specific style of play you should aim to play every time you sit down at a poker table. Playing well requires constantly adjusting to your opponents. With that being said, a tight and aggressive poker strategy will beat the majority of online poker games, since most players will be calling too much and you can tighten up a little bit and get max value with your strong hands. In addition to value betting you want to ensure you lose the minimum when you have the second best hand. So pay attention to what your opponent’s betting patterns and tells are telling you about their hands.