Exotic Poker Games

The popularity of online poker has seen lots of new, exciting, and unusual poker variants pop up on the scene that players from around the world participate in. And the great thing about playing poker in general, is that if you have a basic understanding of the different poker hands to determine the winner in each game, then you shouldn’t have too much difficulty learning a new poker game.

There is more to playing poker online then simply Texas Hold’em. So what some of the more exotic poker variants that you can play? Although the action may not be as good at the non-Texas Hold’em style poker games, these days there exists a huge appetite for new poker games , which the majority of the time have spawned off from existing poker games.

If you’ve been playing poker for a while, then you would know that it can become a bit of a grind always playing the same game. Online poker sites understand this and so are always looking to improve their online poker offerings offered to players that have perhaps grown tired of playing the same games for years.

Here are some exotic poker games that you might not have already played:

Open Face Chinese Poker (OFCP)

Despite its name, this variation of Chinese Poker actually originated from Europe at the beginning of the 21st century. Unlike traditional Chinese Poker where each player receives thirteen cards, in OFCP each player is dealt five cards to begin the game and then one card at a time until they have thirteen cards in their hand and these are used to create three different poker hands – two five-card poker hands (back and middle hands) and the third hand contains three cards (front hand).

For the hands to qualify, the back hand needs to be better than or equal to the middle hand, and the middle hand needs to be better than or equal to the front hand. In Chinese Poker, traditional poker hand rankings are used, and bonuses and royalties are sometimes given to the players for making very strong hands like a royal flush, straight flush, or four of a kind.

Five Card Omaha

Five Card Omaha is very similar to regular Omaha poker, it’s just that each player receives five hole cards instead of four of them. This means that 5-Card Omaha is an even crazier game as players will have more possible hand combinations pre and post flop to make the best hand. As a result, hands like straights and flushes are common winning hands in Five Card Omaha.

Irish Poker

Irish Poker is akin to playing Texas Hold’em, it’s just that each player gets four hole cards instead of two pre-flop, but the players have to discard two of them after the flop. This means players have to keep the two cards in their hand which will give them the best possible chance of winning once they’ve given more information after seeing the flop.

As you can see, there are a lot of different poker games you can play at online poker rooms. You won’t be able to play some of these more exotic variants at every poker site, for the simple reason that it’s probably not very profitable for poker sites to offer these games, but with a bit of research I am sure you can find a good site that offers any exotic poker variant you would like to play when looking to mix things up a little.

Of course, one of the big advantages of playing these less commonly played games is that most players that give them a go are going to be fairly inexperienced players, primarily because just like you, they are probably well versed in another poker variant but want to play another poker game for a change. So there won’t be the intimidation factor of jumping into games where you feel like the sharks are waiting to prey on new players.

As a matter of fact, Full Tilt Poker have introduced “New to the Game” tables, so that players can try out an exotic poker game they’ve never played before for 2000 hands before graduating to the normal ring game or tournament tables. In addition to the low stakes games that can be played at online poker rooms, these games make it much easier for new players to get a taste of various other forms of poker.

Before playing any new variant of poker, it would be in your best interests to read the rules and strategies specific to each game so as to avoid any mistakes made as a result of not fully understanding how to play the game.