Online Poker FAQs

This FAQ will answer most of your questions about online poker for those who are playing online for the first time. It would be advised that you read this page before going any further, because you might find the answer in one of the questions answered below.

First of all, is it legal to deposit and play online poker if I am from the US?

A lot has happened in the world of online poker in the United States. There was the UIGEA and Black Friday. Several states including Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey have gone the way of offering legalizing online poker, and residents from within the borders of these states can play against other residents.

But even in locations where regulation of online poker games doesn’t exist currently, there are still online poker sites where you can play online poker, albeit players have more limited options than what they were previously used to, since several of the largest online poker sites left the U.S. market.

Whether or not it is illegal to play online poker in the US depends on where you live. Some state laws does prohibit playing online poker. If an online poker site you are thinking of playing at doesn’t notify you of this, it’s up to each and every player to understand their rights before making a deposit. That said, most U.S. states don’t have any specific gambling legislation that prevents their residents from playing poker online.

Is it possible to play online poker on a mobile device?

Playing online poker on a mobile or tablet device is a fairly new phenomenon that has gained in popularity in recent times, especially among recreational players that aren’t bothered by the fact that it’s only really possible to play a single table at the same time due to the more limited screen space.

All of the major online poker sites have developed apps for mobile players to play online real money poker games. There are also dedicated mobile-friendly poker sites that have entered the online poker market with new players popping up all the time.

A great starting point for players who are new to the world of mobile online poker is playing free games first where there is nothing at risk, so players can choose to focus on learning the basic rules of any poker game.

Is online poker really rigged?

Due to the anonymous nature of online poker and considering it’s such a lucrative industry, it raises the question of whether online poker is rigged to make money for operators in the industry?

The online poker rigged conspiracy theories spread quickly around the world wide web due to the simple reason that someone is going to be a lot more willing to want to share something with you if they had a negative experience.

With poker being largely a skill-based game, it’s expected that players who are new to the game will probably lose money whilst still learning the ropes. But a lot of players don’t want to believe they are as bad as what perhaps their results suggest and will look to blame it on something else instead of themselves, with the obvious target the online poker sites.

However, the truth of the matter is that these online poker sites are cash cows and wouldn’t risk their reputation in an attempt to rig their games. It just wouldn’t make business sense.

Is online poker safe for players?

You want to ensure that you play online poker at an established and reputable site you can trust with your money. Many online gaming operators have been in business for over a long time and payout promptly.

The online poker site should be licensed and regulated by an established gaming third party organization which monitors casinos and poker sites to make sure issues of collusion and other game integrity issues are taken seriously.

How do I deposit into an online poker site?

Any poker site worth playing at will make it easy for their players to make a deposit to fund their online poker accounts because they want to start playing immediately. The first thing to do when signing up at a new poker site is to head over to the “Cashier” section of the site where it will display all the deposit methods available to you. Sometimes poker sites will even offer preferred deposit bonuses for choosing to deposit with a particular deposit option, usually Skrill, or Neteller.

Can I make money playing online poker?

Yes! You can make a lot of money playing on internet poker sites. But you are required to be committed to studying and improving your own game away from the virtual felt otherwise you can’t expect to get better and make money. You want to play against players who are worse than you, as they will be making more costly mistakes.