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John Goldberg
Webmaster and Editor

John is a veteran in the industry who has been playing and writing about poker for more than a decade for his own website and several other websites. He is a very established limit and no limit hold’em player; he is also an Account Manager for a leading internet marketing company in the gambling vertical. A self-proclaimed poker book junkie, John has read close to 40 poker books, his favorite authors being David Sklansky, Dan Harrington and Ed Miller, and has used these books to further advance his poker education. His passion for the game really comes across in his writing, and he’s the main editor and webmaster of OnlinePokerRealMoney.net.

Email: john@onlinepokerrealmoney.net , info@onlinepokerrealmoney.net

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Dave Cristo
Senior Writer – Poker News & Articles

Dave has been writing about poker since 2008. His passion for the game of poker lead to him doing extensive work as a freelance writer for a number of different poker websites including some of his own. His poker career started after he suffered a career ending injury in a semi professional football game. After a limited amount of success online, he tried his luck at multi-table tournaments at his local casino and actually won the first live poker tournament he entered, outlasting more than 100 players. This victory lead to taking online poker a lot more seriously. He worked on own online game and became a profitable online grinder. The main game he plays is 200NL/400NL 6-max online, preferring cash games to tournaments these days.

Email: dave@onlinepokerrealmoney.net

Mark Smith
Senior Writer – Strategy Articles & News

Mark is an avid recreational poker player both online and live. He graduated from Concord University with a degree in journalism, which translated to a career in publishing in non-gambling markets. But when an opportunity came up to work for a poker website he grabbed it with both hands. When he wasn’t studying he found himself playing a lot of poker, both in home games and in casinos. His passion extends to mid stakes No Limit Hold’em cash games and smaller buy-in tournaments. A competent NLHE player, he’s developing his skills to get better results in tournaments.

Email: mark@onlinepokerrealmoney.net

Bill Thompson
Head Writer – US Poker Industry & Legalities

Bill is a part time professional poker player that has been playing poker since 2002. He started out playing multi-table poker tournaments at his local casino before transitioning over to online poker where he derives the majority of his income from nowadays. Today he spends a lot more time writing instead of playing the game he loves. On OnlinePokerRealMoney.net his primary focus is covering US-specific poker articles, including the US regulated markets.

Email: bill@onlinepokerrealmoney.net

Ben Walker
Head Writer – Strategy Articles & Poker News

Ben is an online poker pro that’s amassed over $300,000 in tournament winnings. He got his start in the online poker world on Party Poker, playing $5 Sit N Go’s before migrating to larger buy-in MTT tournaments. In addition to online poker, Ben has played in a number of larger buy-in live events, including the World Series of Poker Main Event and the Venetian Main Event not to mention various other mid level events around the country during his travels.

Email: ben@onlinepokerrealmoney.net

Sammie Lewis
Contributing Writer – US-Specific News & Articles

Sammie has been writing and playing poker for the last four years or so, including work as a freelance writer for another major gaming portal before becoming an exclusive writer for this website. As a full-time freelance writer, when Sammie is not writing about poker-related topics, he is writing for numerous other non-gaming websites and blogs. Although he does playing online, he can more regularly be found playing in cash games at his local casino in Florida. He is primarily covering US-based poker content on OnlinePokerRealMoney.net.

Email: sammie@onlinepokerrealmoney.net

Davey G
Contributing Writer

Davey is a freelance writer and editor who creates high quality content for the poker and football industries. His humorous style of writing, make Davey a perfect compliment to some of the other more serious writers on OnlinePokerRealMoney.net. Davey has a background in football sports betting and live poker, and has published articles on several of the major online bookmaker websites. In addition to betting on football, he has a passion for poker, and is a regular $2/$5 player at his local casino in Australia. He also owns a couple greyhounds.

Email: davey@onlinepokerrealmoney.net

Simon Price
Contributing Writer

Simon is a recent addition to the editorial team at OnlinePokerRealMoney.net and we’re really excited about what he will have to bring to this site. He’s a 23-year old college student from Texas. Don’t let his age fool you, he has been playing poker since he was 14 years old. His old man was a poker player which resulted in him developing a passion for the game of poker at a fairly young age. The main game he plays is mid stakes No Limit Hold’em cash games although he mixes it up with Pot Limit Omaha games from time to time.

Email: simon@onlinepokerrealmoney.net